Consign With Us


Thanks for your interest in selling on our site! 

How to sell on our site:

  1. You must first register as a bidder on our site, so that we have your full contact information.
  1. You must read and accept our rules and fee structure (below).
  1. You must call us, stop in or e-mail us with your online bidder number and request to be a seller.
  1. With the click of the mouse you will become a seller. Directions on how to list your items is available by phone or email. 

No seller can list pistols, adult oriented items (other than Playboy magazines), used clothing (with the exception of shoes, coats and jackets) or anything illegal. No refund of commissions or fees will be provided to a seller for a refund given in the case of a misrepresented item. Most recently, out of nearly 800 items, we had 2 lots returned. While everything is sold as-is and where-is, we all still owe it to the buyers to provide an honest accurate description of the item being sold.

Listings: Once you place a listing on the site, it can not be removed at anytime during the auction.

Contact Info: You can not include any contact info including email address, telephone number, name or address in your listings. Bidders can communicate with us and we will pass all messages on to the appropriate seller.

Reserves: Everything is in auction format and bidding starts at $3 on all items. However, each seller may have up to 3 of their items each week with a reserve price or a higher starting bid. The reserve price is hidden from buyers, the higher starting bid obviously is seen by buyers. To list an item with a reserve, place the following text at the end of your  listing "This item has a reserve. Please notify me by phone or email ASAP what the reserve price is. To list an item with a higher starting bid, place the following text at the end of your listing "This item has a starting bid of $xx.xx". Be sure to enter the actual amount of your starting bid. If you do not follow this format, your listing will be removed. If you wish to lower or drop a reserve on an item, you must do so BEFORE the auction ends. Once the auction ends, if an item did not meet the reserve, those bids are deleted, and gone forever.

Sellers may not bid on their own items for any reason whatsoever. If a Seller is found to have bid on their item(s), or had someone bid on their item(s) with the purpose of artificially inflating the price of an item(s), (this practice is known as shill bidding), that Seller will no longer be able to sell or buy on this site. We do have software that will determine and report common patterns of shill bidding, and all IP addresses are recorded. Shill bidding is a violation of various state and federal laws.

Fees:   $1 reserve fee   In House consignments as of 7/1/2020 will be charged  a rate of 35% commission And  A  25  cent  per item listing fee..This is  if  you bring your items  to us   for listing.


·         Single items that sell for over $500 = Commission is reduced to 20%

·         Single items that sell for over $1000 = Commission is reduced to 17.5%

·         Single items that sell for over $2000 = Commission is reduced to 15%

·         Single items that sell for over $3500 = Commission is reduced to 12.5%

·         Single items that sell for over $5000 = Commission is reduced to 10%

·         Single items that sell for over $10,000 = Commission is reduced to 8%

Payments: Sellers will be paid, less fees and commissions, on the Tuesday following the pick-up period for the buyers. We reserve the right to return to the seller, and chargeback, any item which is not paid for by a bidder.

Seller pick-up: Sellers can pick up their online auction winnings until the 2nd Tuesday after the auction ends. That way each seller can pick-up, drop-off and get paid in one weekly trip. Any items left for more than 8 calendar days will be subject to the late pick-up buyers premium. Due to our live auction schedule, sellers can not pick-up or drop off on Saturday after 4pm.


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